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Is this still working!

I have an account with Seed and really would love to make ACH transfers with the api. Is this still working? how can I get Authorization?


Do you have a roadmap. I asked another question and the answer was that you planned to implement the feature in the future. It would be nice to see what you plan to do in the future. Maybe something as simple as a Trello board. I like how Meteor does their Roadmap. https://trello.com/b/hjBDflxp/meteor-roadmap

Is it possible to setup recurring ACH?

I have recurring ACH transactions. I'd like to setup monthly, weekly, daily or yearly transactions. I could write this myself, but I believe this would be a great feature for Seed to have. Does Seed have a way of doing this?


Does Seed allow the creation of a token like Stripe? Stripe offers Stripe.js that removes the need for developers to secure their credit card forms. The information never touches their server and is automatically sent to Stripe and turned into a usable token for the user. Do you guys offer this for your ACH transfers?

Would there be a Debit card/Merchant access to the account?

I am working on a product which involves giving debit cards to customer so that they can shop. Would this ever be possible through seed?

Do you plan on providing a front-end?

The API looks great, but a simple GUI would be nice for basic stuff (e.g. balance check, view transactions).

Do you plan to allow PULL ACH transfer from a user's accounts?

e.g. Like what Plaid/Yodlee/KnoxPayments does

Where is the money? Who is the account with

Hello, Does this API help manage/view transactions with previously established bank accounts? Or are you promoting a bank of your own that has an API that is simple to navigate. Where is the money?