Client Version ID

The client version ID is a unique identifier that is associated with a particular version of the API.

The ID is set in the Client-Version-Id header and is sent to the API on every request. It determines the version of the API that is served.

When the client version ID is first generated, it is pinned to the current latest API version. All subsequent requests sent with the ID will request that particular version, and the version stays fixed until you decide to change it.

When a newer version of the API gets released, the version associated with the ID still does not change. In this way, your client will be unaffected by newer backwards-incompatible changes, until you decide that you're ready to upgrade versions.

You can adjust the version associated with the client version ID via an API call. This allows you to upgrade to a later version of the API whenever you are ready to do so, or even downgrade if an upgrade caused issues.

API Version

This header is used to request a particular API version, overriding the Client-Version-Id header.

It is useful for testing. For example, you can use it to request a newer API version than your client currently supports, to check if the client is compatible.

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