Create a new token for use with the public API.

Using the API requires an access token, which must be supplied all authenticated requests.

Tokens are short-lived, and stop working once they expire or are revoked. Once tokens expire, they can be refreshed to gain a new access token.

The token is supplied in the Authorization header to make API calls, in the format: Bearer {access token}. Here is an example header:

Authorization: Bearer 2.a.877CmIRBQeaoCl8iJxKdpA.QWIl7XiTqoFaUGWoBsfd1L9i_O2lQi3Ot49zHl1xf0c.OrUjBlPTVS1-OuenqOV1mqIXRt6MaJZm5WTm6T5u4m8

Go code sample:

req := http.NewRequest("GET", endpointUrl, nil)
authValue := fmt.Sprintf("Bearer %s", "2.a.877CmIRBQeaoCl8iJxKdpA.QWIl7XiTqoFaUGWoBsfd1L9i_O2lQi3Ot49zHl1xf0c.OrUjBlPTVS1-OuenqOV1mqIXRt6MaJZm5WTm6T5u4m8")
req.Header.Add("Authorization", authValue)

To generate an access token/refresh token pair, supply your username and password using HTTP Basic authentication. On providing valid credentials, an access token will be generated.

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